Renting has no ROI


Cash Purchase

Businesses who pay for their system outright will be able to take advantage of the federal tax credits and any other state or local rebates available on their next tax return.

Ag businesses may also finance cash purchases with third-party loans through one of our solar lending partners, or through low-interest financing available through farm credit bureaus or other local banks.


Bank Financing

Our lending partners are industry experts that understand the specific requirements and challenges of solar energy financing. They provide tailored loan programs with the most competitive terms in the industry, with specialized commercial solar financing solutions to create the best possible financial outcomes for our customers.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Another option for ag businesses wanting to save money on their energy but not ready or able to purchase a system outright is to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a third-party PPA provider.

Here’s how it works: the third party PPA provider purchases the solar system and takes advantage of the tax incentives. They pay all costs and assume all ownership responsibility for the system, including any maintenance costs. You will be the “host” of the system on your land or facilities, and you pay only for the electricity the system generates at a pre-determined, lower rate than you currently pay the utility.

Making the Switch

Solar makes financial sense for any business with an electric bill and a tax liability. It is scalable, reduces your bottom line, and allows you to make a difference globally as you become a green, sustainable corporation. Making the switch to solar energy is easy with Zeronet Energy. Take the first step today and schedule a free consultation to see how solar can help your business.